About BB Outlet

It's all started from the poo popped out from his diaper...

This is a story about how we started BB Outlet. It's all started the poo popped out from his diaper. Like most of the new parents, we were excited and tried to give whatever we had (time and things) to our son. Until the moment we figured the diaper wasn't completely fit him. We decided to find a better one and that opened our eyes. We discovered there were so much more choices in Japan during our holiday in Osaka. After weeks of research, we decided to bring the best quality of baby products from Japan to Hong Kong.

BB Outlet soon change the way of ordinary shopping of baby products in Hong Kong and we became the pioneer of the online baby shop. Until now, we still dedicate these to our customers,

  • - More Choice
  • - Better Price
  • - More Convenience

To us, you're not only a customer to us. We also share the same thing. We are just like you. We're parents too. Please do not confuse if somehow you are lost in parenthood. We all had that moment and that's part of the beauty of being parents.