What's the better way to enjoy country side with kids in Hong Kong for FREE!

What is it?

BB Outlet teams up with a local charity farm in Yuen Long for kids and parents to experience farming in Hong Kong. Farming sounds crazy in Hong Kong but this is a real come true. Now you and your kids can enjoy experience in an well organized farmland that runs by a charity group which dedicate to give back to the local elderly. All you need to do is to come and participate to farm and take care of your vegetables.

Charity or not?

Absolutely yes, half of the harvest you and your kids do with give away to local elderly. The rest of the half you can take it home and enjoy.

How can I join?

If you're BB Outlet member, you can join us anytime. Just let us know how many people your family has and come and join in arranged day. We will give you a tour in the first time. Once you decide you want to join in the future, you can come anytime you want.

How much is it?

$0.00. There's nothing you need to pay. There's nothing you need to purchase from BB Outlet. In fact, you will be provided all the tools, seeds and things to grow your veges.

What's the condition of the farmland?

Please see the pictures below. Personally, it's much much better than I could imagine. First, it's well organized. You will have a piece of farmland yourself or your group. Location is good, which is about 15 minutes away (Walking) from MTR station! 5 to 8 minutes away from minibus stop. If you drive, they even have free parking spot for you. There's a farm house with table and chairs under shade and clean toilet as well.

What exactly do I do there?

We need you to be responsible for your veges and respect the farm. Of course you can bring your kids for fun and laugh and run. This is a peaceful village so party isn't allowed.

Interested to be a city farmer?

Please contact us and we will give you further information.